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June 30 -- halfway through the year!

To be on track for your goal, your current word count should meet:

Tier 1: 25,000 words
Tier 2: 50,000 words
Tier 3: 75,000 words
Tier 4: 100,000 words
Tier 5: 125,000 words
Tier 6: 150,000 words

How's it going?

If you feel like you've bitten off more than you can chew, or you've gotten a really good streak going and want more of a challenge, feel free to use this post to revise your goal to a different tier! Ideally your goal should be challenging but not intimidating (unless intimidation motivates you, of course).
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Sometimes, I swear, I turn around and two weeks go by like that.

We are now 1/3 through 2010 -- and ideally, you are 1/3 of the way through your goal! Tier-by-tier, here's the breakdown:

Tier 1: 16,667 words
Tier 2: 33,333 words
Tier 3: 50,000 words
Tier 4: 66,667 words
Tier 5: 83,333 words
Tier 6: 100,000 words (already! damn!)

How's it going? Any inspiring streaks or writer's-block slumps to report?
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Wow, is it that time already?

Here we are at the end of March, 1/4 of the way through 2010! To be on-pace for the year, you'd want to be at 25% of your goal number, which breaks down like this:

Tier 1: 12,500 words
Tier 2: 25,000 words
Tier 3: 37,500 words
Tier 4: 50,000 words
Tier 5: 62,500 words
Tier 6: 75,000 words

That's a lot!

If you're not quite up to speed, don't panic -- we are still only a quarter of the way there, after all. And if you're ahead, go you!

Right now, I'm thinking that probably I'll post a "goal revising" post for people at the halfway point of the year, so if it turns out you'd be happier revising your goal up or down a notch, you can change your estimate. :3

How's it going?
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Wow, end of February already? Whew!

If you wrote exactly the same number of words each month, here's where you'd need to be to be on target for your goal:

Tier 1 - 8,333 words
Tier 2 - 16,667 words
Tier 3 - 25,000 words
Tier 4 - 33,333 words
Tier 5 - 41,667 words
Tier 6 - 50,000 words

Of course, this is the shortest month of the year, so if you were writing the same amount each day, you'd likely be a little behind.

Regardless, it's still early in the year! Don't fret if your numbers are behind; you still have plenty of time. And if you're ahead, congratulations! That kind of cushion is always nice to have. ^^

How's it going?
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Here we are at the end of the first month of the year! I hope everybody is making good progress toward their goals. :3

If you wrote exactly the same amount of your goal every month, you would be at 8.33% done right now. In concrete numbers:

Tier 1 - 4,167 words
Tier 2 - 8,333 words
Tier 3 - 12,500 words
Tier 4 - 16,667 words
Tier 5 - 20,833 words
Tier 6 - 25,000 words

Of course, you're not robots (most of, you, at least! I assume!), so probably you're a little over or a little under. If you're ahead of your goal right now, congratulations! You're off to a great start. If you're running behind, don't worry! You have plenty of time ahead of you. ^_^

So, how's it going?
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There are three easy ways to write about politics in the future.

The first is to assume your beliefs and causes will triumph. There may be solid evidence for this, as solid as Nevada's law banning gambling forever. (Passed 1909, took effect 1910.) Or the victory of monarchical power in Britain after Oliver Cromwell's death.

The second is to be certain your side will go down to defeat. The Satanic [liberals, conservatives, greens, pugoristas] will win. The Soviet Union will prevail over the Free World -- oops, that one doesn't work any more.

The third is to take for granted that future politics will be just like today's. This is plausible provided there are no new industries, geographic shifts of old industries, new technologies, population changes, major Supreme Court decisions, changes elsewhere in the world....

One way which looks easy: Assume the future will repeat the past. The US will fall apart the same way the Roman Empire did, and be succeeded by feudal societies. Knights will use flying cars rather than horses, and so forth.
To do this well (defined as "not making editors and readers laugh in the wrong places") requires a bit of historical study. It also requires thinking: what will be to the American Empire as Christianity was to the Roman Empire? What language will Canadian barbarians speak: French or Inuit? Will China, India, the EU, and Indonesia undergo the same transition?

What follows is based on these assumptions:

1. You want to avoid having your future become outdated before an editor reads your submission. (Setting your story centuries in the future won't help if you get the near future blazingly wrong. Think of the writers who took for granted that the Soviet Union be around for centuries, and had their submissions read after Russia seceded from the USSR.)

2. You like the idea of having your fiction reprinted all during your lifetime and earning you more money.

3. You want your fictional future to be different from everyone else's.

Begin by looking at what's already happened. The post-WW II US Baby Boom started in 1946. By 1950, it should have been obvious that around 1958 there would be a whole lot more high school students than came out of the Baby Bust. And a bit farther on, American colleges were going to be crowded. (The people in charge of planning for schools and colleges didn't see the obvious, by the way.)

In the 1950s, English writers wrote futures in which England was still a Great Power on Earth, and had become a Great Power in space. (Yes, I meant "England." It was then easy to forget there were other countries in the United Kingdom.) The UK was no longer a Great Power by then.

Investigate cycles. The United States has a conservative/liberal political cycle of about twenty or thirty years.

Then there are "moral panic" cycles. There are times of little worry about drunk driving, and times when it's considered a major problem. Periods when it's difficult to get police to care about accusations of pedophilia, and others when authorities believe 150% of such allegations.

And then there's the heroin/cocaine cycle. At one point, heroin will be the Big Bad Drug. There will be experts who say cocaine isn't really addictive, and doesn't cause nearly as much damage as heroin. Some heroin users will turn to the safer drug. At another point, cocaine will be the Evil Drug and heroin relatively harmless. (Cynics might find this similar to the conservative/liberal cycle.)

Investigate trends. The US reached its peak of relative economic power in 1945, and has undergone relative decline since then. This probably won't continue to the point where the US is the least prosperous nation, but it might continue for some decades.

And then you guess. What position in the political spectrum will go with which economic theory? Which religious affiliations are most likely to go with conservatism or liberalism? Who is most likely to be pleased, or most likely to be offended, by the results of Vatican III?

Oh -- then you do this again for the next story, giving it a new future.

Yes, there are advantages to keeping the same background; Robert A. Heinlein was able to use his for decades. But he had to postpone the Strike of 1956 to 1966, 1976, and then an indefinite time in the future, among other feats of fudging.
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From the “No Plot? No problem! A Low-Stress, High Velocity Guide to Writing a Novel in 30 Days!” book by Chris Baty:

There will be times in your writing journey when you want to crawl under the nearest boulder, curl up, and die. These moments will pass, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and there are a host of word-count-increasing tricks that well-seasoned month-long novelists use to help pad their novels (and warm their spirits) in these dark hours.

Here are some of the old stand-bys:
continue... )

I say to myself: who better to tell me about word count than the creator of NaNoWriMo? XD
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Hi all!

I recently bought The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Beating Writer's Block as a way to jump start myself and for some entertainment. There is a part of the book I really identified with and wanted to share with you all.

Writers Write )

I definitely find myself sometimes going "I haven't written in ages, how can I be a writer?" or "If I don't write x amount, I'm not being very writer-like!"

It is kind of an eye-opener to read that passage and think "man, I've been sabotaging myself this entire time."

Hopefully one of you find it as useful as I did. :D
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Pledge time!

Here's how this works:

Comment to this post, by the end of January, committing to one of the goal levels listed below. Then, keep track of how much you're writing over the course of the year, and try to make it to your goal by the end of December. If you want to, you can set a limit on what kind of writing counts (blogging, all fiction, only original fiction, etc.), but that's completely optional. At the end of each month, I'll put up a progress post where people can check in with how they're doing.

Tier 1: 50,000 words
Tier 2: 100,000 words
Tier 3: 150,000 words
Tier 4: 200,000 words
Tier 5: 250,000 words
Tier 6: 300,000 words

- Each tier represents 1,000 words per week, with two weeks off (200 words per day, with weekends off) -- those numbers should give you a decent guideline when you're trying to choose a comfortable goal level.

- There aren't any prizes, so you don't have anything to gain by shooting low -- pick a goal level that will be a challenge (but not a tremendously daunting one)!

- If you'd like to have a progress meter to post in the end-of-month posts, or keep in a sticky post on your journal, the basic one at writertopia is pretty easy to use and stable.

- You are welcome -- encouraged! -- to make posts in this community to share writing resources, strategies for longer projects, questions you have about doing research or getting past writer's block. We'd like this community to be a place where we can help each other out! So please don't hesitate to strike up conversation.

- On that note, please also feel free to point your writing friends over here -- the more the merrier!
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So! This comm has been quiet...too quiet.

And now it's a new year!

I'd like to propose a new running challenge for Copper Street, inspired by LJ's [ profile] getyourwordsout: people can pledge to an overall annual wordcount this month, and then we'll check in periodically to report how we're doing.

- You choose what kind of writing counts: every word you get down, all your fiction, only your original fiction, whatever is a useful limit for you.

- Goals would be in increments of 50,000 words (remember, this is an annual, cumulative total); unlike GYWO, I'd like to have a base goal of 50,000 words, which means about 1000 words/week with two weeks off. Since you pick your own goal, and you don't win any prizes except the satisfaction of doing it, I'd rather make the challenge accessible for people who aren't terribly prolific/verbose along with people who are already in high-word-count mode.

What do you think? Would that be useful for people? Would you like to participate? Let me know, and if there's interest I'll set up a post for people to pledge to their goals. :3


Nov. 17th, 2009 08:02 am
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Getting a pick-me-up yet this week?


Nov. 16th, 2009 06:54 am
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It's a new week!  How did last week go?

What are this week's goal?


Nov. 12th, 2009 09:10 am
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How goes it, heading in the latter half of the week?
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How are things going so far this week?


Nov. 9th, 2009 06:42 am
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What do you have on tap for this week?
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Oops, running a bit behind again.  How did things go last week?
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Oops, a day or two behind on progress posts. Bad landlady.

That said, everyone has posting rights, so if you have something you want to say or progress you want to share, feel free to make the daily post if you haven't seen anything from me yet :)